Donating For In-Game Cash

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Donating For In-Game Cash

Post by Scrappy on Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:17 pm

$5   - $50,000      and  $10,000 For A Friend {Optional}
$10 - $100,000    and  $30,000 For A Friend {Optional}
$15 - $250,000    and  $40,000 For A Friend {Optional}
$20 - $500,000    and  $50,000 For A Friend {Optional}
$25 - $1,000,000 and  $75,000 For A Friend {Optional}

We are highly grateful and appreciative as always for any donations made towards GenesisRP and thank you in advance.

1) Go to this link ----
2) Donate To through PayPal using either a credit/debit card, PayPal balance etc.
3) Add your SteamID to your notes for your rank to be given to you as early as possible
4) Contact an owner if you still don't recieve your donator rank.
5) Enjoy your rank!

The second you click the donate button, you agree to the following conditions:
You are not purchasing anything here. You are simply making a donation towards the community GenesisRP. You are not purchasing VIP, you are given VIP as a thank you for helping the community survive. VIP is not a product, but a ranking given to show our appreciation and can be taken away by a Server Owner at any time under any reasoning. Under absolutely no circumstances are donations to the GenesisRP community refundable, meaning that all charge-backs or disputes filed over PayPal will be nulled. If you are somehow able to bypass these terms, you will be immediately permabanned from the GenesisRP community and server. By clicking donate, you understand and agree the terms and are of the legal age to make online transactions (18 years or older) and if you are not, your legal guardian has permitted you to do so.

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